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For the Love of Tools: Stopped in My Tracks!

Crescent brand R2 RapidRench – Official Site Ever since the Robo-Grip replaced the Channel Lock for all but the highest torque jobs, I’ve had my eye out for the next big improvement in tool design. Of course, you run across gadgety type tools all the time. But it’s very rare that a tool actually stops you [...]

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For the Love of Tools: Power Pumpkin Carving

Would Halloween be complete without some pumpkin carving tools?  I don’t think so!  So, I’m adding these tools to my list for next year’s pumpkin carving arsenal.  We didn’t carve any of our pumpkins this year, but next year I want to be ready! First up is the Pumpkin Gutter.  Kindly reviewed at Toolmonger.  The [...]

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