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Buy Popcorn to Support Scouting!

Cooper has recently joined the Tiger Cubs. He’s having a lot of fun and enjoying every minute!  We have signed up right in the middle of the pack’s fundraising season.  So, if you’d like to support Scouting, and Cooper, please visit Trails-End and buy some popcorn!  There’s more besides just regular old popcorn too! In [...]

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Powhatan Village 5k – Racing with Sarah

Yesterday was the big race of the season for Sarah and I.  We ran the Powhatan Village 5k as a team.  This was Sarah’s first 5k race, actually her first race of any distance longer than 2 miles!  Sarah did great.  She finished in 40:53, and I finished 40:54.  We were finishers 211 and 212 [...]

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