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A Year Ago on der5er:Oct 2006 in Review

der5er 2006 October This blog is almost 2 years old. Actually, I think der5er is older than that, but the original date got lost in one of the moves I did way-back-when. So, I’m using November 21, 2005 (the date I moved from blogger to as the birthday for der5er. That’s the [...]

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Vintage BMW M1 Found in The Garage

The Garage: Vintage racer spotlight: BMW M1 x 2 Where is der5er? Has anyone seen him? Oh, yeah, that’s me… I guess it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Quick updates before I move on to this post: The house is almost done and we’re going to be moving in this weekend!! YAHOOO!!!!! Gary [...]

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