IMG_20150607_094009 That is my favorite pan.  Just a round, flat griddle big enough to hold a few eggs or strips of bacon.  Or some potatoes and cheese. Or scrambled eggs in a tortilla.  Popeyes (fried egg inside a piece of toast). I’ve done a lot with that pan, and usually I don’t have any idea what I’m going to make for second breakfast until I’ve got that pan warmed up.  That pan, like this empty blog, is potential.

For the last two years, my New Year’s Resolution has been to write more.  And so far I’ve failed at that.  I think partly it was because all the old posts (496 of them) made this seem like a huge place.  Many of those posts were some of the best stuff I’ve ever written, and it always felt like I had a lot to live up to writing here.

I haven’t deleted the old posts.  I’ve just made them all private.  But seeing the front page empty was especially freeing.  So, here’s hoping I can keep this up and get back in to the habit of writing what I’m thinking about now and again.  Also, I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoyed eating what I filled the pan with this morning!

What’s your favorite symbol of potential?

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