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Christmas Town Dash Race Results!

Written By: der5er - Dec• 05•11

Overall Results

Time: 44:47:00
Pace/Mile: 8:55/M
Place: 606
Finishers: 2264

Class Results

Class: M 35-39
Place: 49
Finishers: 115

Gender Results

Gender: M
Place: 396
Finishers: 894

What a fun race! I ran as part of the nTelos team.  Since nTelos was a sponsor of this event, I got free entry and a ticket to the VIP tent.  This was my first 8k since 2007 and I beat finished 20 seconds faster this time.  I might be disappointed with those results except that I’m currently running with patellar tendinosis and illoitibial band syndrome in my right knee.  Add to that the fact that this course has a lot more hills than the Richmond race in 2007 and I’m very happy to have managed a sub-9:00 per mile pace.  My knee performed well, if maybe a little stiff in the first mile, and I felt minimal soreness later in the day.

Here are some pictures I took along the way:

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