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Pikermi Training Week 3: Pulling a Fast One!

Written By: der5er - Sep• 12•10

What a great week for running!  First, you’ll notice that I decided to stop annoying you with daily training updates.  I had 5 workouts and 2 rest days this week, and zero posts on this blog until today!  Seriously, we had beautiful weather for running this week, every morning was below 70 degrees when I set out to run.

Last Sunday’s run was already covered.  Monday was a rest day, and Tuesday was a great track workout.  I averaged 8:17/mile with my fastest lap at 7:24/mile.  It was great weather and I felt great running it.

[If you don't see the maps in this post, be sure to visit!]

Wednesday was an easy 30 minute run.  I took the instructions seriously on this one.  I kept my pace at 8:57/mile and my heart rate in zone 3 for 30 minutes. This was a good “clear my head” run, because I didn’t have to think about keeping pace, it just happened naturally.  I really like that 8:57/mile is now an easy pace, and feels natural.  That used to be a tempo run for me, and I had to work to maintain it.

[If you don't see the maps in this post, be sure to visit!]

Thursday was, I think, the best run all week.  My training plan  called for a medium intensity 1 hour speed workout.  I maintained an 8:31/mile pace and managed to wrap up 7 miles in one hour.  This is really fast for me, especially maintaining that pace for 7 miles.

[If you don't see the maps in this post, be sure to visit!]

The only downside to this fast run was that it left me a little sore, and that affected my run on Saturday.  Yesterday, the training plan called for 1 hour 15 minutes at an easy pace.  I decided to shoot for a full two hours or 13 miles, whichever came first.  I felt good starting out, but my legs did feel a little sore.  By the time I made my way around Sunday Park and started heading back, I noticed that it was getting harder to maintain an even pace and my legs were really feeling it.  When I got back near home, around the 10 mile mark, I decided that I would cut the run short at about 11.25 miles and 1 hour 42 minutes.  Not really a bad run, but my legs really felt beat up.

[If you don't see the maps in this post, be sure to visit!]

Here are my stats so far:

Week 1 (8/22 – 8/28):

  • 23.49 miles.
  • 3 hours, 44 minutes total time.
  • 9:32/mi average pace.

Week 2 (8/29 – 9/4):

  • 31.93 miles.
  • 4 hours 48 minutes total time.
  • 9:01/mi average pace.

Week 3 (9/5 – 9/11):

  • 33.84 miles.
  • 4 hours 57 minutes total time.
  • 8:48/mi average pace.

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