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Pikermi Training Day 3: Hills

Written By: der5er - Aug• 26•10

Today was my third training day on’s Advanced 1/2 Marathon Program. Thanks to a sale Active was having at the end of July, I paid the princely sum of $0.00 for this plan that now sells for $30!  One thing I really like about this plan is that Active sends me daily email reminders letting me know exactly what I’ll be doing when I hit the road.  I also like that it was free!

Today’s prescribed run was an easy 45 minute hilly run.  Now, as most people who live in Brandermill will know, it’s actually kind of hard to find a route that’s not hilly anywhere near me.  With that in mind, I tried to find the most consistently up-and-down areas to run.  One thing I noticed during marathon training is that every road near me seems to be downhill when heading west and uphill when heading east.  So, that makes finding consistent hills pretty easy, just run up and down the streets.

The weather this morning was just about perfect, mid-60′s and sunny.  I really kind of wish I had carried my camera with me.  Around the middle of mile 4 I came across an open field surrounded by trees with about a foot of light fog sitting on it and the moon (just a couple days past full) hovering just above the trees in a fairly bright sky.

I felt really good about this run and was quite surprised that I came in at 5 miles for the 45 minutes of running.  It felt much faster than 9:00 minute miles , but I guess the hills got me.  I definitely didn’t stay within the target heart rate zone, most of the time I was just inside zone 4.

[If you don't see a map in this post, click through to!]

My next run is scheduled for Saturday and should be a 1 hour easy run.  I think I’m going to actually run longer than that.  I had longer base miles before our vacation, and I think I’ve still got some of that base in my legs and lungs.  So, I’ll probably run about 1:30 instead of one hour.

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