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2010 Resolutions and Goals

Written By: der5er - Jan• 11•10

Getting goofy before the race

2010 Hasn’t started very well so far.  At least as far as running goes.  I’ve only run 3 times this year, and two of those were less than 5 miles.  Of course, I can remember a time when running anything further than 3 seemed like an insurmountable challenge! Now seems like as good a time as any to set my resolutions and goals for the year.

  • 1000 miles.  After the marathon, I’ve got no big goal distances (no, I do not plan to ever run an ultra-marathon).  So, I’m setting myself a cumulative goal to run 1000 miles this year.  I ran 800 miles last year, so I think the extra 200 should be easy to find.  I’ve set goals on my Garmin to run 100 per month, and as long as I make 10 of those, I should get my 1000 for the year, and then some.
  • PR every distance except the marathon.  I’m not running any full marathons this year, so I am going to shoot for a new personal record in every distance I can.  Here’s how I stack up right now:
  • Run more with the kids.  This may have to wait until warmer weather.  While I can get out and run 5-10 miles in 10-30 degree weather, I won’t punish the kids with that!  I know there’s another Running Kids event in August, plus the Powhatan Village run that usually happens on Labor Day weekend and the Richmond Marathon kids mile in November.  The kids race calendar is all set, I just need to do a better job preparing them for it.
  • Post more.  This one used to be Post More Consistently, but I’ll settle for just more posting, period.
  • Time management.  Yeah, I’m still working this one. 
  • Delegate more.  My phone still rings too much at home, I need to better train and trust my technicians.
  • Banish the “can’t.”  I have another secret resolution, but there’s a lot of “can’t” in my head around this one.  I read on the DIY Diva blog about getting around the “can’t” and just doing stuff.  It’s funny, once you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you can’t.  But, if you remove “can’t” from the equation, things get easier.  I’ve done this at work recently with a couple of really tough to understand problems, and getting rid of the “can’t” really helps.  If I can remove the “can’t” from my secret resolution, I’ll let you know. 

I think that about covers goals and resolutions for 2010, what are yours?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Love your resolutions. Good luck getting rid of your “can’t” this year! I need to step on with the running, I was doing so great last year and then the house projects did me in. ;)

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