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Thank You, John

Written By: der5er - Aug• 12•09


I know you’re not gone, but Mom says they’re going to move you to hospice.  So, it seems you’re on your way.  I wanted to get this written, so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to say.  I’m very glad to have this opportunity to tell you how I’ve felt about you, because I’m not sure I ever really have.

I know you weren’t my father, but you raised me as well as he would have, and I thank you for that.  If anyone knew how George Epps would have wanted his youngest son raised, I’m sure his best friend would have.  Personally, I think you and Mom did a great job!

You’ve been a great influence in my life, and in who I am today.  You praised me when it was deserved, I could always tell when you were proud of me, a certain look in your eye and smile on your face.  And you chastised me when I was being a little snot, never being more firm than the situation called for, but never being more gentle than called for either.  You educated me about cars and money.  And, watching you interact with my mother, you educated me about relationships.

You’ve been a wonderful Grandfather to my children, and they will miss you.

Cooper may not remember this, but I always will.

Cooper may not remember this, but I always will.

I always would have thought I would have something wonderful and profound to say at this time.  But I’m finding it hard to say anything other than;

Thank you, John.

Thank you for being my dad.

Thank you.

John and the family.

We will miss you.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I got Christ’s message this morning that John passed last night. I’m so sorry…just know we’re thinking of you and sending love your way. Hope you can feel it.

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