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Race Training Begins!

Written By: der5er - Jul• 06•09

This month, I’m beginning my training for the Richmond Marathon.  As you may know, I signed up for the marathon immediately after completing the Richmond Half-Marathon last fall.  I’m using the intermediate training plan published in Runner’s World.

Training for the marathon is going well so far, but that’s not really what this post is about…

Cooper and Sarah on the 4th

Cooper and Sarah on the 4th

Cooper and Sarah are all signed up to run the Running Kids Running Event on Saturday, July 11 at Runner Bills.  Cooper will run 1 mile (and I’ll run with him) while Sarah goes on to complete her longest race ever at 2 miles.  I’ve actually run on most of the course that they’ll be using this Saturday, and it’s a fairly flat course.

Running Kids Course Map

Running Kids Course Map

To train for this event, Sarah walked 1.5 miles this past Saturday in the Brandermill 4th of July Parade while carrying a bag of candy and a water gun!  Tonight, I plan to take her and Cooper out for at least a mile run.  Maybe two miles for Sarah.  I think tonight would be our last opportunity to get a full distance run in before Saturday’s event.  Got to rest up for the big event!

I don’t currently have any other events on Cooper’s race calendar, but Sarah and I will finish the summer with the Powhatan Village Run 5k on September 5th.  The Powhatan YMCA has added three Parent/Child divisions to this race for 2009, and Sarah and I will enter the Elementary division.  I’m really excited about this event, because most of the races I’ve found for Sarah are also short enough for Cooper.  Since Cooper is smaller and likes to run as fast as he can, I have to stay with him to slow his pace or he’ll use up all his energy before the half way mark!  This will be the first race that is just Sarah and I, and I’m really looking forward to running it with her.

The other big race I’m doing soon, that I haven’t trained for AT ALL is an adult relay at this Tuesday’s Brandermill Makos swim meet against Stonehenge.  They haven’t let us know yet whether or not the relay is just freestyle or medley.  I’m secretly hoping for a medley relay, because I’d like to see if I can still finish 50 meters of butterfly!

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