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February Training Update

Written By: der5er - Feb• 11•09

Training Summary

Training Summary

Halfway through February and I’ve already run over 40 miles.  By comparison, I ran just over 60 in January and only 40 in December.  It’s been a pretty good month for me so far, and I can’t wait to see if I’ll top my best month ever, which was 95 miles last October.  As you may know, I’m training for the Shamrock Half Marathon on March 22, 2009 (followed a week later by the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k).  I think I’m in pretty good shape, 5 weeks ahead of the race and I’m currently doing a 13 mile run every weekend.  I don’t plan to increase my long run past 13 miles before the races, but I need to start thinking about increasing those runs and my total mileage in April to prepare for the Richmond Marathon in November.  

I’m not really following any specific training plan.  I do plan to increase my long runs by about 10% a week and increase my total weekly mileage right along at the same rate.  My weekly mileage right now isn’t anywhere near a consistent rate, due to weather and laziness.  My general training plan is to do a tempo run of at least 4 miles every Tuesday, intervals on Wednesday, then either Friday or Saturday I’ll do a medium-distance run, followed by a long run on Saturday or Sunday, whichever day works out best.  I decided on this plan a few weeks ago, and have yet to actually do it.  

So far this week I’m on track.  My tempo run yesterday was just under 5 miles, though a little slower than I would have liked.  This morning’s intervals were awesome, the 4 minute speed runs were all consistently around a 7:30/mile pace.  I think if I can keep up that kind of speed in my interval training, I’ll be doing pretty good come race day.  I have been consistent the last 3 weeks in a row at running the 13 miles on either Saturday or Sunday.  

I did set a new record for myself on January 24 of 1 hour 54 minutes for 13.1 miles, but I won’t count that as my time to beat in March.  I’ll use my official race time of 2:04:46 from the McDonald’s Half Marathon last November.  That feels more official than my Nike+, and I’ll use the official time from the Shamrock race as my new Personal Record.  

Oh, and I’ve got a birthday coming up this month!  If you’d like to buy me a present, my wish lists are here and here!

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