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On This Important Day: Bob Zellner

Written By: der5er - Jan• 20•09
The Moth Podcast

The Moth Podcast

On my drive to and from work, I listen to podcasts.  Podcasts are like radio shows that you listen to on your computer or iPod.  This morning I was listening to The Moth.  The Moth is a non-profit story telling organization, they sponsor story telling events (Story Slams) in New York and LA, usually with some very big names coming to tell stories.  I’ve heard stories on the podcast that were funny, sad, insightful, and, most times, very poingient.  I always look forward to their weekly episodes, usually around 15 minutes long, even though I never know what I’m in for.

This morning, I heard Bob Zellner.  I had never heard of him before today, but you may have.  His story was told in the movie “Mississippi Burning” and his memoir “The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement” is being made into a film by Spike Lee.  Mr. Zellner told the story of his time in SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) in the 1960s in the American south.  Specifically, he told about the summer of 1964 in Mississippi.  I won’t spoil it by giving the entire story here, but the events surrounding the rally attended by Harry Belafonte and Marlon Brando were amazing, and so different from today’s times.  He tells briefly of his upbringing in a home with a father and grand-father in the KKK.  How he drove Marlon Brando from the airport to the rally and they were told to act “like two normal white people” so they wouldn’t get shot for being Civil Rights Activists.  It’s such an interesting story and it gives a window into what times were like in the south in 1964, I think I’ll have Leanna listen to it this evening.  It just seems to offer an appropriate contrast to today’s events, and maybe it will help everyone understand that, given our history as humans and Americans, even if you don’t agree with President Obama’s views or politics, this is a very historic day.

You can get today’s story by searching for The Moth in iTunes or here, you won’t be disappointed.

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