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Happy New Year! 2009 is Here!

Written By: der5er - Jan• 05•09

I think I’ve started off 2009 pretty well.  I’ve worked out, one way or the other, every day except the 1st.  Yesterday I ran 10 miles, which puts me just over 400 miles with the Nike+ kit.  I guess it’s time to make resolutions for this year!

  • Keep up the consistent training schedule.  I’m running 3 times a week right now, with cross-training on the Wii Fit.  Like I said previously, I’ve already signed up for three races this year, with the first two in March!  So, training for a new Personal Record in the half-marathon and 10k are high on my priority list!
  • Post more consistently.  I think this will actually happen this year.  I want to keep the blog as fresh and exciting as my life, so I’ve got to do this!
  • Time management. If I get this right at home, then the next one will be no problem
  • Keep the garage clean! It seems like every time I get it clean, I’ll have another project come along and dirty it up again.  I’m going try to do a little each weekend this year toward keeping it in a cleaner state than 2008!
  • Delegate more. I’m hoping to delegate some engineering duties and tracking duties at work.  Hopefully, this will keep my phone from ringing as much as it does when I’m at home.
  • Calendar. I’ve got to make better use of my calendars at work so I can keep my team informed of upcoming projects, and keep my boss informed of upcoming races!  (I missed the Monument Avenue 10k last year due to work.)

I think that about does it.  What are your resolutions for 2009?

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