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Website Highlights: Lifestream and the Archive

Written By: der5er - Sep• 22•08

Two recent additions to the website are the new improved Archive and the LifeStream page.

The Archive page is simple, it’s an archive of all posts and pages here at der5er.  Click on a month or date and it will give you a thumbnail of each post, and clicking it again will take you directly to the post.

The Lifestream page is only slightly more complicated to explain.  I’ve started what’s known as ‘micro blogging,’ a.k.a. Twittering.  Short little posts that don’t warrant a full article on the main feed, but are still either interesting to me, or are just a quick comment that I had about something.  Many times you’ll find updates to the 100 Push ups challenge, quick status of how I did on my run that day, or a comment about how my day is going.  Also, posts on other blogs that I find interesting are shared on this page.

If you haven’t visited the website in a while, get out of your e-mail and come have a look around!

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