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Midlothian Blaze 5k Race

Written By: der5er - Sep• 14•08
Blaze 5k #66

Blaze 5k #66

The Midlothian Blaze 5k was held today to benefit the Midlothian Volunteer Fire Department.  This was a nice fun race that I had a pretty good experience with.  I made good time today, finishing the race in 25:31 (it’s a little over 3 miles).  It’s always fun to go out and race because race courses are typically flatter than my training courses.   I almost always improve upon my training times because there aren’t anywhere near as many hills!  This morning I ran with my neighbor John Bennett.  Well, we started together.  John is built for faster speeds than I am, as his legs are a bit longer.  He actually came in second for his age group today!  Congratulations, John!

Today I also got to try out the New Balance MR1224 mens running shoe.  The New Balance marketing guy had a booth set up and let anyone “test drive” the shoes for the race in exchange for a review.  I snapped up the opportunity as quick as I could.

Since I started running March 2006, I’m on my 3rd pair of shoes.  The most comfortable shoes I’ve had were New Balance, and, though my current shoes do hurt me a little, the 1224 shoes were great.  They provide more stability and roll (pronation, a concept I’m being introduced to) control than the current 560 new balance that I’m running in now.  The fit was great, open in the toe box, snug around the ball of my foot, and a good grip on my heel.  My legs and knees loved running in these shoes, and now I’m going to actively watch for deals on these great runners!

Plus they are definitely on my Christmas wish list!  (I’m a size 11.5 D.)

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