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Nobody’s Listening Podcast

Written By: der5er - Aug• 20•08
Nobody's Listening

Nobody's Listening

I’ve recently discovered the joys of listening to podcasts on my Ipod. What’s a podcast? It’s like a radio show, but just for the Ipod or other MP3 player. If you’ve got speakers on your computer, you can usually listen on the podcast’s website, but mostly I think people listen on Ipods.
I’ve been listening mostly to GeekDad, Stuff You Should Know, and any podcast about LOST. I’ve been searching for a regularly produced Comedy podcast. Many of the funny podcasts out there either aren’t my kind of humor, or they aren’t being produced anymore. One of my favorites was What you missed at the Bone, with short clips of stand-up acts from the Funny Bone comedy club in Boise, but they haven’t had a new show since January.

I just recently found a great comedy podcast called Nobody’s Listening. Nobody’s Listening is a clean comedy podcast where the hosts share their funny life stories and encourage the listeners to do the same by e-mail or voice-mail.  Nobody’s Listening has been going for about a year and a half, with a new show almost every week.  The regular hosts are James and David Kennison.   James and David are half-brothers from the south, and regularly have great stories involving each other and their 3 other siblings.  I absolutely love it when they tell stories and get each other cracked up, because their laughter is contagious.  James is always on the show, but David is occasionally absent, and there will be a guest host, either another podcaster, family member, or fan of the show. 

There are quite a few inside jokes for fans of the show.  If it’s your first time listening you may get the urge to go all the way back to episode 1 and catch up, as I recently finished doing.  My favorite is “Broke Ya,” which is what you say after you leave someone speechless.

The most recent episode, “You’re in Sample,” was just released this morning and contains a story submitted by yours truly, der5er.  This is one of the shows that David couldn’t be available for, so guest host Thomas fills in.  I haven’t made it all the way through yet, but so far it is hilarious!  Thanks James for including my story, I hope you liked the other two I sent in!  Of course, since I haven’t finished yet, I don’t know, but they might be in this episode too!

I encourage everyone to go listen to the latest episode, but if you haven’t got the time, here’s the story I heard James read this morning:

In case you hadn’t guessed, I love telling stories about my kids.  So now, I’ll tell you how I broke my oldest yesterday:

The girls, Leanna (middle school) and Sarah (elementary) (STALKERZ) were happily telling me about their new thermoses that they got for school.  They plan to take soup and Ramen noodles for lunch this year.  Which is actually a good thing, because normally it’s just PB&J.  Christi asked them how long the thermoses were supposed to keep things hot and Leanna quickly and happily answered “5 hours.” 

Sarah, being our correctness and completeness of information police, quickly interjected that they could also keep things cold for 7 hours.  Conversation begins to move on, and I see Leanna’s face light up.  “Oh! OH!”

“NO, you cannot take ice cream to school for lunch” I quickly tell her–before she can even finish processing the idea into words. 
Everyone, even Grandma, laughed at her disappointment as she bowed her head.  She didn’t cry, but I think she knew the idea wouldn’t fly even before I said that.

To hear James read my story was awesome.  His voice is perfect for telling stories and he puts in just enough acting to make you feel as though he actually lived this story with me.  I didn’t actually say Broke Ya to Leanna, because she wouldn’t have understood.  But now I’ll have to say it any time I can!

Another inside joke is when someone spreads the Gospel of Kennison.  Spreading the Gospel of Kennison is to tell your friends and family members about the show.  Well, consider the Gospel spread!

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  1. James says:

    Thanks for writing about us! I’m glad you like the show!

    We’ll read anything you send in! :)

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