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Bruce Springsteen in Richmond: AWESOME!!

Written By: der5er - Aug• 19•08
Yes, we were that close

Yes, we were that close

Last night, one of our vendors at work took a few of us to see Bruce Springsteen at the Coliseum in Richmond. 

I’ve got to say that this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  It was non-stop for 3 hours.  Bruce did give the E Street Band a little break while he played one song on the piano, but other than that, he and the band were going for 3 hours straight. 

I will note that the Richmond Convention Center is not the best place to see a music show.  There was so much reverb that most of the music was drowned out by all the echo.  Granted, I’m not the biggest Springsteen fan and I don’t know all the songs, but I don’t think I could have sang along to anything I knew.  I’d never know if I was singing with Bruce or an echo.

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band still have a garage band feel to them.  Just a group of guys (and girl) out to rock and have a good time.  You definitely get the feeling that the show is as much for them as it is for you. 

Our seats were great.  Off to the side and almost behind the stage, but very close.  We were about as close as you could be without standing on the floor in front of the stage. 

It was simply an awesome show.  Bruce does his best to get the crowd energized, and he certainly did it to the packed house there last night.

I’ve included all the pictures I took last night, though most of them didn’t come out very well.  Cell phone cameras aren’t very good, and I didn’t want to lose the ‘real’ camera.

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  1. Rob Lowson, says:

    Of all the great armies of rock fans, few can match the devotion of Bruce Springsteen’s. Anyone who has experienced Springsteen in concert will testify that the bond between audience and artist transcends the usual adulation. Something magical, almost mystical happens. Some might describe it as spiritual-most definitely it is life affirming. It is in trying to nail this phenomenon that the beautiful hardbound For You has arrived.
    Edited by Lawrence Kirsch and replete with an amazing welter of outstanding photographs, it’s a mind-blowing collection of thoughts and stories from fans of every age and many nations, each explaining why Springsteen occupies such an important place in their hearts. Covering all four decades of Springsteen’s career it is possibly the ultimate fanzine for it is the fans who have made the journey and whose words tell us as much about them as they do about Springsteen. The warmth and humanity that flows from every page is truly moving and provides a beacon of hope from which we can all draw strength in these hard times. Not a book to be read at one sitting but rather to revisit and enjoy over time.

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