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For the Love of Tools: Gecko Grip Level

Written By: der5er - Aug• 18•08
Black and Decker Gecko Grip

Black and Decker Gecko Grip

Wow!  I had a mirror hanging project this past week, which I’m going to have to re-do because I hung it too low.  The short little 18 inch level that came with my tool kit wasn’t going to cut it, because the hangers on the mirror were too far apart.  What’s a tool guy to do?  Head to Lowes, of course!  I had another levelling project that needed a longer, more accurate level also.  So, this was a two-in-one purchase.  Two projects crossed off my list for the price of one!  Yes, Christi, your washing machine is level. 

The Gecko Grip level from Black and Decker makes hanging things on the wall easier than any level I’ve ever had.  In the past, there have been calculations, measuring, more calculations, more measuring, etc… all just to get the holes in exactly the right spot.  Well, no more.  The Accu Mark targets (that small circle in the picture) slide to allow you to mark perfectly where the holes need to be.  No more complex calculations to find the center of the picture or frame and then measuring out to whatever fasteners are used for hanging.  Plus, the Gecko Grips virtually provide an extra hand, using friction to hold the level against the wall (with one hand) while using the other hand to make your mark.  Normally, without Gecko Grips, my level would slide all over the place while I tried to mark the wall with a pencil. 

I’ll definitely give this tool a thumbs up, and I’m glad I’ve added it to my arsenal.

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