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They sell swords at Linens and Things

Written By: der5er - Aug• 04•08
Linens and Things Sword

Linens and Things Sword

Apparently, they sell swords now at Linens and Things.  We were there last Tuesday because we had received our usual monthly 20% off coupon and Christi wanted new towels.  So, she goes there for the linens.  Me and the kids like to go for the things.  I love all the “As seen on TV” stuff they always have and the girls could hang out by the cash registers all day looking at the various trinkets and gadgets and pens with hair on them. 
Cooper (age 5) isn’t having it this day.  He spent a long day at the pool and after work we went to the park.  Now he’s tired and after about 5 minutes in the store he’s finished off his Coke and is working on my Diet Coke, begging every 10 seconds to go home.  So, we make our usual loop around the store counter clockwise and make it almost all the way around when suddenly his face lights up and he gets very excited.  I’m thinking, “Great!  He’s found something to entertain himself and won’t be asking to go home for at least the next 60 seconds!“ 
“Papa! Papa! They sell swords here!” he says. 
“What? You’re kidding,” and I’m looking around for a katana or Mameluke sword.  “Where?” I ask. 
“Right! there!” pointing just to my left, in the bathroom section.  Practically dancing in his seat in the cart.
“Huh?”  I’m looking everywhere, but I don’t see any swords.  Finally, I spot what he’s talking about.  I pick up a tall stainless steel cylinder with a thin handle on the top of it.  “Is this the sword?” 
“Yeah!! That’s a sword!”  You cannot imagine the look of disappointment I see in his face when I pull the ‘sword’ out of it’s stainless steel ‘sheath’ revealing…a toilet brush.

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