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For the Love of Tools: Fire fighter’s FUBAR

Written By: der5er - Jun• 12•08

Now, thanks to Stanley, Firefighters can have their very own FUBAR.  As you know, I’ve written about the FUBAR quite a bit.  I love mine, and I’m sure Firefighters would love to have one as well.  They call it the FUBAR Forcible Entry Tool and, at 30 inches and 9 lbs, is nearly double the size of my FUBAR FatMax Extreme (18 inches and 4 lbs).  It also includes a wider pry bar mouth for shutting off gas lines, a hydrant wrench, carabiner holes to attach a shoulder strap, and Hi-visibility 3M™ Scotchlite™ strips down the side, ensuring you’ll never lose it.  Any firefighters out there have opinions on this tool?

For those wondering what the original FUBAR is, and what it can do, here’s a FUBAR commercial complete with the destruction of a shed piñata:

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  1. KJ says:

    Great tool I love it

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