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For the Love of Tools: Grabbing Rounded Fasteners

Written By: der5er - Jun• 07•08

Grip Tite LogoBetter Tools & Fasteners mission is to make your life easier.  That’s it.  That’s their sole mission.  I have to say I think they’ve accomplished it with the Grip-Tite system.  You can purchase Grip-Tite sockets in the der5er Store!

The key to the Grip-Tite system is ACT.  Advanced Camming Technology.  You can see in the end view of the socket that the cams (of the “ACT”) are really like 3 little pairs of pliers grabbing on the sides of the bolt.  This is what enables the Grip-Tite to grab onto the sides of your bolt and hold it.  I think the company should also do a side cut-a-way view when explaining these, because I’m not sure the picture at the right can fully describe how those cams are different from normal flat sides.

These sockets actually grab the nut or bolt on the sides to keep you from rounding it off!  Now, I’m sure I’ve heard of other products that do the same thing, but this looks to me like it would really work. 

What’s more, they really grab the nut or bolt–holding it for you.  I think this is an even bigger benefit than not rounding things off.   The tool can be used to place the nut or bolt where you need it to go.  This is a blessing in the tight spaces that you frequently find under the hood of a car where your hand does not always fit.

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