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WANT: Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Written By: der5er - May• 14•08

Nike iPod Sport KitHave you ever come across something that you just need to have? Something you are absolutely positive you cannot live without? You don’t even know how you’ve lived without it? WANT happens to me all the time with tools and gadgets, and that’s what happened to me this week. 
I’ve been wanting something for quite a while that I could use to more easily track my progress when running. I’d like to know how far and how fast I’ve run, each time, and my brain isn’t always the best at keeping track. I’ve looked longingly at the Forerunner GPS watches from Garmin, but they look bulky to me, and I’m not sure I’d really like wearing that while I run. Plus, the cheapest one is over $100, and I don’t know if I want to really spend that much for a hobby.
This week, I saw an ad for the Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit for iPod nano and I fell in love!  The price is right, $30, and it tracks everything I’d like to see over time: distance, pace, calories burned, and total workout time.  It even gives updates through the iPod’s headphones.  Plus, it all uploads to Nike’s running website where I could track my progress.  Since I already have the iPod, $30 is a very low cost of entry. 

The only thing I don’t like is that the sensor device requires special shoes that have a hole inside for the sensor to sit in.  Of course, being the industrious shopper that I am, I already found that there are adaptors that allow you to wear the sensor on the outside of your shoe with no degradation in performance.

This definitely leaves me with WANT stamped across my forehead.

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