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What Will Your Green Card Say?

Written By: der5er - Apr• 12•08

I ask that question as the post title because I’m fairly sure that this campaign will take off. I’m also fairly sure that most of you will agree that their is a problem in this country with immigration policy and enforcement. We may disagree on exactly what the problem is, or we may disagree on the solution, but I think we can all agree that there is a problem.

So, what is Green Card Day? A local talk radio host, Doc Thompson, started it as a way to “unite Americans for the purpose of changing Immigration Policies.” How can you participate? You can go to to learn more, or you can just go buy a stack of green index cards, some post card stamps (24 cents each), put your legislators name and Washington DC address on it, and stick it in the mail on May 5. Yes, I think that particular day may have been chosen for a reason. On the back of the card, write a short message with your complaint or solution to the immigration problem.

Your post card doesn’t have to tell your legislator to build a fence. It doesn’t have to say to round up the illegal aliens. It can say what ever you believe is the problem or solution to our immigration problem. My postcard (which will be mailed a little early due to a vacation) will say that we need to fix our borders before we even consider answers to the other facets of the immigration problem. The message is important, but more important is the coverage and attention this will give to the illegal immigration problem in our country.

Doc envisions local news coverage as local post offices are flooded with little green cards on May 5, 6, and 7. I don’t think the campaign has enough time to really get the word out for that impact, but when the cards arrive in DC a couple days later…that’s when I think we’ll see news coverage.

Turn the Capital Green – On Green Card Day!

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