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For the Love of Tools: Wrench Turning Concerto

Written By: der5er - Mar• 14•08

Stanley 55-099 FatMax Xtreme FUBARLast night, one of my employees, Donnie, and I swapped out a cell site that’s been giving us trouble.  We did not do this the easy way.  The easy way would be to hire a couple of electricians to run and connect all the power cables.  The easy way would be to have a crane standing  by to lift the old cabinets out of the way, and put the new cabinet in places.  We did not have a budget for this project, so we could not do it the easy way. 

What was the most fun part for me?  I got to use many of my recently acquired tools! 

First up was the GearWrench Ratcheting Wrenches that I got for my birthday.  With these I was truly able to get into some tight spaces and make quick work of bolts we would have otherwise had a lot of trouble with.  Awesome! 

Next, I found the lighted mechanics gloves (also birthday) came in very handy at 3 AM trying to connect the earth grounds to the back of the cabinets.  Yes, the LED drop light was there also and I was glad to have it.  When you’re searching the grass for dropped tools, flashlights just don’t cut it.

What tool got the most use last night?  The FUBAR!!!!  We used the FUBAR to lift the cabinets, to pry the cabinets, and, in one case, to beat the cabinet into submission.  Those two bolts coming up out of the concrete in the way?  No problem for the FUBAR!  Need to get the cabinet a couple inches in the air to shove something under it?  No problem!  Need to flatten that protruding piece of metal on the front of the cabinet?  No problema!  Need to shove the cabinet a couple inches sideways?  Forget about it.  That ain’t happening.  Even with the FUBAR.

Well, we got it moved, but it was definitely a problem.  We took a tip from, I think, from the ancient Egyptians for moving the cabinets last night.  Now, you have to understand, these cabinets are a little smaller than a small refrigerator (not the little dorm fridge, I’m talking about the top-freezer model you had in your first apartment) and lot heavier than a big one.  I don’t know the exact weight, but I’ll tell you that when the two cabinets were separated, two grown men couldn’t shove them around on the concrete.  So, we used 4 pieces of conduit as rollers and managed to roll the old cabinets right up to the trailer.  This method even made moving the new cabinets–which were attached to each other, picture moving two refrigerators at the same time–much easier.  The first 10 feet was super easy and probably only took us 15 to 20 minutes.  When we got with in two inches of where we needed the cabinets, we took the conduit out from under and no longer had our rollers.  That last two inches probably took us close to an hour, and we ended up putting the rollers back under it.

That was my fun night last night.  What did you do?

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