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Things That Bug Me: Read the Manual

Written By: der5er - Feb• 12•08

Curved Shower Curtain RodTo me, a lot of things are self-evident.  I look at many things and the way they work just makes sense to me.  Of course, our political system with it’s caucuses, open primaries, and electoral college is not one of those things that makes sense. 

One of the things that does make sense to me is the curved shower curtain rod.  These rods are designed to add as much as 6 inches extra space to your shower — if properly installed.  The shower rod you see at the right (in my hotel room this week) is not properly installed.  Apparently, the design intent was not self evident to the guy who installed this one.  For some reason, he saw fit to install it 6 inches into the shower, so that the widest part of the shower is actually only the normal width, instead of the extra 6 inches that this bar should provide.  Yes, he installed it so that the shower curtain actually wraps behind the shower head. 

Why does this bug me so much?  Well, for starters, there’s the guy who installed it without reading the instructions.  Then, there’s his boss, who inspected his work and said it was good.  Then, there’s the general contractor and finally, the owner of the hotel, who all thought this was ok.  Now, I know you may be saying that the general contractor and hotel owner probably don’t inspect all the rooms.  But you also must know that this one guy didn’t install just one shower curtain rod.  Maybe he didn’t do all of them, but I’m sure he did quite a bit.  Someone should have caught this and fixed it. 

The final reason that this bugs me so much?  Hugs from the shower curtain every morning this week. 

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