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Written By: der5er - Feb• 03•08

I haven’t written anything in a week.  Sometimes I get to reading other blogs and I feel like I can’t write as well as these people or, I completely agree with everything they say in their post and can’t think of anything to add to the conversation.  That translates to me not posting for a week.  I’ve got one draft waiting to be posted, but it’s not yet post-worthy.  Weeks like this are definitely not helping me with my New Years’ resolution to write more often and more consistently.  Hmm…as a matter of fact that post says that by now, I wanted to have a schedule for blogging.  I guess I’ll push out the schedule to the end of the month.  I’ll post my schedule here so you can all laugh at how I don’t stick to it!

One thing I have been working on that I’m sorry to say I haven’t taken a single picture of is the digital picture frame project.  We have an old Dell Latitude (thanks Aunt and Uncle Kitty, you were definitely there when we needed you most) that finally quit.  Specifically, the hard drive completely died out.  It wasn’t even something that could be reformatted.  So, I found a kit for converting a camera memory card into a hard drive and went to work taking the computer apart.  I’ve got the old Dell running Linux and it will boot and display a different picture about once a minute.  I’ve torn it apart and I’m ready to make the frame.  This is the part I’ve been dreading–making it pretty.  As much as I enjoy working with power tools and wood working, I’m really much better at making sawdust than making things pretty!  I’ll take some pictures of the guts of the old computer and the progress on the frame soon. For now, I’ll show you what I started with.Dell Lattitude

This picture is not our actual Dell laptop, just one I found on the internets.  I’m still looking for a picture of the actual one.  But it may take a while.  The Crazy Picture Lady has thousands of pictures on her computer (must do a backup soon…) and this is literally a needle in a haystack!

Don’t forget: It’s still fundraising time!

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