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Yesterday was Just Enough!

Written By: der5er - Jan• 20•08

dsc00703.JPGJust enough snow, that is.   Just enough for parents, but probably not enough for the kids.  I’m not sure the actual meteorological measurement for yesterdays snowfall in the Richmond area.  So, I’ll say it was right at the level that the kids could play in it yesterday, and maybe a little today.  The bonus is that we have dry streets this morning.  So, our Sunday isn’t completely on hold.  Of course, the kids want more snow, and they’ll probably get it on Tuesday or Thursday. 

The great thing about this amount of snow is that I didn’t have to work.  If there had been a lot of snow, my on call technician would be over-whelmed with power outages and I’d be helping out.  Since he only got called for one power outage–no work for me!

dsc00705.JPGThere was enough for everyone to make a snowball (even if they did scrape the snow off my truck)! So, that is the resulting pictures you have here!  Sarah very proudly displays her snowball, the largest of the day, I think.  Cooper is guarding his snowball ever, making sure no one knocks it out of his hand.  I made him a bigger one later (not tall enough to reach the hood of the truck), but he still wouldn’t let go of this little one, though he did finally throw it at me!  Leanna and Mackenzie take aim at the photographer (me) who was smart enough to stay on the porch and keep his head dry!.  I’m sure we’ll try to get out there again today before the sun melts what’s left away! 

dsc00739.JPGLeanna and Sarah also made snow figures. Sarah’s started out as a snow-cat and ended up being a snow dog-with large dry leaves for ears. I think Leanna actually made a snow man, but you can never be too sure with a couple of creative girls around.  Mackenzie (our neighbor and Leanna’s best friend) made a microscopic snow man. 

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