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For the Love of Tools: FUBAR vs. Crow Bar

Written By: der5er - Jan• 18•08

Stanley 55-099 FatMax Xtreme FUBARWe have a pile of pallets in the parking lot at work.  They keep accumulating and we can’t seem to get rid of them.  So, this week we decided to throw them in the dumpster.  This led me to bring Stanley’s FUBAR to work! 

I brought it in on Tuesday, carried it around to show it off, and displayed it proudly on my desk.  For some unknown (and possibly unrelated) reason, all of my employees began finishing projects prior to deadline.  I highly recommend this method of motivation to all supervisors and managers!

Today was the first chance we had to try it out.  Charlie had a crow bar and I had the FUBAR.  I felt bad watching Charlie pry at pallets while I was simply twisting them apart with the FUBAR.  I’m not going to tell you that the FUBAR did all the work for me, but I will say that Charlie finished the job today wishing he had used my FUBAR.  At the end of the session, I had completely finished tearing apart 4 pallets while Charlie only pried apart 2 with his crow bar.

Operation of the FUBAR is straight-forward and simple.  I’ve also got to say that it was a little fun, but then, who doesn’t like demolition!  For tearing apart pallets I used the FUBAR’s open jaw to hook the pallet and drag it near the dumpster, then I grabbed each board on top with the jaw and, with a couple of twists, lifted each board away from it’s nails.  For the last 3 boards and 3 2×4′s on the bottom, a few quick whacks with the hammer face dislodged these and they were soon flying into the dumpster.  I’ll grant that this whole job was easier because the wood was well soaked from yesterdays ‘wintry mix’ of precipitation, but I still had a much easier time of it than Charlie had with the crow bar.

Unfortunately, no one had a camera on hand, so there are no action shots.  Maybe next time.

I think Charlie is going to buy a FUBAR after today!  I recommend you buy one too!  I think I want to find a house to demolish!

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  1. Eric says:

    No pallets at my work. But a new tool is always needed – finding a use for it — well that just doesn’t matter,

  2. [...] tool got the most use last night?  The FUBAR!!!!  We used the FUBAR to lift the cabinets, to pry the cabinets, and, in one case, to beat the [...]

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