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Home for the Holidays: Giving Thanks

Written By: der5er - Nov• 21•07

Thanksgiving 2006Dorky Dad reminds us what this holiday is all about: Giving thanks.  Seriously, you need to read what he wrote.  Even if you don’t know him (and I don’t) it might bring tears to your eyes.  So, what is der5er thankful for? 

  • Family:  This year, more than ever, I’m thankful for my family.  In the past, there was a Thanksgiving where we couldn’t be together, because I was out of the country serving the Marines in Japan.  In the past year, we’ve survived so much, that I am very thankful we are all here to celebrate together.  I am thankful for my wife, Christi, who loves me in spite of my love of tools and the clutter in the garage.  I am thankful for Leanna, and her love of gadgets.  I am thankful for Sarah, who loves to hug and cuddle.  I am thankful for Cooper, who loves tools almost as much as I do!  I am thankful for Grandma Shirley, who loves us all, and keeps our scrapbooks full.  I am thankful for Grandma Dixie, who loves to play Jedi with Cooper, and has tea parties with the girls.  I’m thankful for Papa Max, who dotes on the kids so much that you can see the smile goes all the way to his heart.  I’m thankful for Papa John, who loves my children like his own.  I’m thankful for Great Grandma Marjorie, who makes sure all the kids have boo-boo blankies, and Pop JB who makes sure they all have a healthy sense of humor.  I’m thankful for all of our extended family, too.  I know you love us, and I am thankful.
  • Thanksgiving 2005

  • Friends:  This past year taught me that the value of friendship is closeness in times of trouble.  My family had so many friends take care of us and nurture us back to ‘normal’.  We could not have survived without the love of our friends.  So many meals cooked to get us through the holidays, so many gifts to get us through Christmas, and so much love that I could never say thank you enough.  I am thankful for all our friends. 
  • Home:  I’m thankful to Beth and Jimmy at Sunstar Builders, for making sure we had a home for the holidays.  Not just a house, a home.  They held our hands through the whole process of unexpectedly rebuilding the place your children will grow up, and they made sure we were comfortable the whole way.  I’m truly thankful we have a home. 
  • Smoke detectors: I was going to try not to mention this one, because I really want to move past this, but I am thankful for smoke detectors.  I just can’t avoid thinking about it sometimes.  I don’t know what my life would be like right now if it weren’t for smoke detectors. 

Thanksgiving 2004I’m thankful for everything I have, and every new experience that life brings.  I’m thankful for the food on our table, and the warmth in our hearts.  I’m thankful that I am here, and I’m thankful that you are here, too.   Happy Thanksgiving.

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