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Home for the Holidays: Time to Carve the Turkey!

Written By: der5er - Nov• 21•07

Carving the TurkeyIt’s almost Thanksgiving!  We have many traditions in our house on Turkey Day, but one of my favorites is carving the turkey.  This task always seems to fall to the man of the house, and, of course, that’s me!  I’m definitely not an expert, and I’m always looking to improve upon this skill that I only practice once (maybe twice) a year.  Well, Geekdad has helped out by pointing to a Wikihow article on turkey carving.  Let’s see if I can pick up any tips!

The first tip is to place the turkey on a wooden board, to make sure it doesn’t slip.  I’m not going to follow this tip.  We’ve got a rough plastic board that will do the trick.  Plus, the plastic board is more sanitary.

Step 2 is a no-brainer for me, but in step 3, they tell you to remove the wishbone.  I have never even thought about the wish bone until I’m practically carving into it.  They don’t give a reason, but I’m guessing that this makes it easier to carve.

I also found out from reading this that I carve in the ‘traditional’ style – making individual slices of the breast as you carve instead of removing the breast before slicing (kitchen method).

Of course, what turkey day would be complete without a tool?  In the picture above you’ll see my tool of choice - a (possibly) 25 year-old electric knife.  I’ve never even thought of carving a turkey without it! 

Cooper TurkeyAnd, so Cooper won’t think we’re lying to him, here’s a picture of him enjoying turkey in 2004!  Just look at the smile on his face!  I doubt that we’ll get him to eat turkey this year, as he’s gotten very picky, but at least we have proof that he’s eaten it before!

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