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Why the Terrorist Database is Useless

Written By: der5er - Oct• 04•07

Illegal Border Crossing“Terror database gets plenty of hits.”  The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

The FBI Terrorist Screening Center has a database.  This database is used to identify potential terrorist who are trying to enter the United States.  According to the Washington Times, this database has 700,000 entries and stopped 40,000 terrorists from entering the country.  That’s great.  I’m very happy that they were stopped.  However, this database is useless.

I heard about this database on the news this morning and my first thought was, “That’s pretty cool.”  But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the database is only used at official ports of entry.  Official ports of entry are airports, sea ports, and any highways entering the US.  It’s not used along our very porous border where millions of illegal aliens entered the country.

As long as we have open borders to the north and south, this database is just a list.  Anyone who is on the list, or is actually stopped from entering the country, needs only to go to Canada or Mexico and find another way across the border.  With 2,000 to 3,000 people crossing the border illegally every day, who is checking their names against the list?  I’ll answer that one for you: Nobody.

If 2,000 to 3,000 people can cross the border each day, how hard do you think it is for someone in the Terrorist Screening Center’s database to get in?  We, as Americans, need to think about this issue long and hard for the next election.  This is no longer just an immigration issue.  Immigration control and National Security now go hand-in-hand.  As long as we continue not enforcing the laws we have on the books relating to immigration, our country is at risk of another terror attack.

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