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The Original Text Smiley Turns 25!

Written By: der5er - Sep• 21•07

:-) Digital Smiley Face Turns 25smiley

The orignal text smiley was created on September 19, 1982.á You’ll recognize it as :-).áá It has since morphed into all kinds of emoticons that can hardly be understood without a cheat sheet.á Here is the message board posting from Scott Fahlman that started it all:

19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E  Fahlman <Fahlman at Cmu-20c>
I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:
Read it sideways.  Actually, it is probably more economical to
mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends.  For this, use

áThere are now scores of different emoticons that can be expressed with text.

:Dá (Smiling)
=)á (Smiling)
;]á (Winking)
:]á (Neutral Expression)
:/á (Partial half smile)
:(á (Frowning)
:’( (Crying)
:-) (Smiley with nose)
:oá (Talking)
<:o) (party smile)
:pá (Poking his tongue out)

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