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Fred Thompson on National Security

Written By: der5er - Sep• 15•07

 Sen. Fred Thompson

I don’t normally blog about politics. I don’t nomally even talk about politics with family. However, I feel I had to make an exception here. I really like this guy, Sen. Fred Thompson. I’m not sure what it is yet, I’m just going on gut feeling here.
Fred File – The Friends of Fred Thompson Blog » Blog Archive » On the Road – Fred in Florida on’s Attack on General Petraeus
Sen. Thompson’s campaing staff, I think, got the headline wrong here. In two weeks time, the main stream media and most of America will have forgotten about and Gen. Petraeus. The real quotable quote starts about 40 seconds in and goes like this:

It’s more and more apparrent to me everyday that the average 20 year old who’s serving us in Iraq knows more about national security than many of the 20 year veterans in Congress.

I agree.

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