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Chinese Toy Recalls are Scary Stuff

Written By: der5er - Sep• 10•07

Families grow wary of all toys made in China – PostStar.comá Sarge sits on the shelf

The article above echoes the way I’m feeling about all Chinese made products lately.á Even Disney is wary, choosing to independently test thier toys.á A Google News search for ‘China Recall’ returns some 12 thousand results.á Who wouldn’t be a little scared?

We haven’t gone quite to the extent that the parents in the article have, but Sarge is sitting on the shelf, unplayed with since we opened its package.á I keep an eye on the recall lists as often as I can (which, Iáadmit, isn’t often).á I

What worries me more, is all of the recalls that keep being traced back to Chinese made products or ingredients.á First there was pet food, then toothpaste, tires, and toys.á Is there a quality problem in China, or should we be on the lookout for something more sinister?á I don’t know, it’s probably paranoia…but just because you’re paraniod doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

What do you think?á Should we, as Americans, reinstitute the old unioná”Buy American” slogans and stay away from Chinese products for health and safety reasons?

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  1. [...] Chinese made toys have been recalled for lead content.á As I said before, these recalls are scary stuff.á It still troubles me that all these recalls, be they toys, food, pet food, or Cub Scout badges, [...]

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