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Too many post ideas…too little time

Written By: der5er - Jul• 30•07

I’ve had a TON of good ideas for things I could write about lately, and almost no time for writing. As a result, I’ve posted nothing for almost the last 2 months.

Here is a quick summary of my post ideas over the last couple months (i.e. things I never got around to writing):

  • The house is finished! We are moved in and (mostly) settled. The yard still needs some work, but grass is starting to grow.
  • I am running again, a little. We’ve started walking as a family most evenings, especially when it’s cooler. For me, and sometimes Cooper, this means at least 1 and maybe 2 laps around Christi’s route past the lake and park while Christi and the girls walk around. It’s much shorter, but it’s been a month or more since I ran regularly, so I have to build up again.
  • Leanna is a geek…though I would never tell her that to her face! Seriously, I think this is a good thing. Leanna enjoys watching the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Not as much as watching Cartoon Network or Nick, but it’s still nice to catch her watching a program about Saturn’s moons when no one is looking! Every once in a while, I get some time to sit down and watch with her, which is just AWESOME. She also likes gadgets, she wants an iPod for Christmas, though she’ll probably just stick with the CD player for now.
  • Cooper is getting really good at video games. Most times he’s just randomly pressing buttons on the controller, but other times, it really looks like he’s doing things on purpose. He doesn’t normally spend all day playing a game, but sometimes he’ll go on a binge and get a little crabby if nobody wants to play with him.
    Also, he’s finally, happily, going to Sunday School! This was a real hurdle, but when he decided it was OK to do it, he just did it.
  • Sarah still loves working with tools. She and Cooper helped me put together the cabinets I bought for cheap at a Home Depot clearance sale for my work bench in the garage. She even had some fun helping Cooper out when he wasn’t strong enough to turn a screw. She didn’t last long on the front porch rocker project, but I don’t blame her. It was so humid that I would have broken a sweat just sitting still, never mind how sweaty I got building a rocking chair!

I think that’s about it. I’ll try to post more frequently in the future!

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