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Back from 5erFest in TN!

Written By: der5er - Jun• 01•07

What a great trip! The albums from 5erFest and our Anniversary are here.

Christi and I started out early Friday morning driving to Chattanooga, TN for 5erFest. We had a great time. My favorite parts (and I think, Christi’s too) were the Friday and Saturday night garage parties. Not a whole lot happens, except the creeper races, but it’s a good time to relax and meet old online friends.

My other favorite was watching the Flintstone push races. Since there was no time or space for an official autocross this year, the 5erFest organizers set up the Flintstones race. The winning team can be seen at the right, all from Virginia!

The creeper races were fun this year, but less organized than last year. Only two creepers made it and, if we had classes for the races, they would definitely be in different classes. One was merely a stock creeper (but not a bad one at all), the other would have to be classified as modified…heavily. Johnnye23 had this thing rolling on rollerblade wheels and had steering on the front wheels. You can tell from this video how hard I worked just to keep up with Tammer on Johnny’s creeper. Johnny’s creeper was so fast, that it raced Shifty in an e28!

After the Fest, Christi and I spent time together for our Anniversary. Christi caught a pretty nasty head cold, so our Anniversary dinner on Sunday was take out ribs from Chili’s in the hotel. On Monday, we headed out to see the sights of Chattanooga. The Chattanooga Choo Choo and Ruby Falls are about all we had time for before we decided to head up to Gatlinburg. This was a last minute, spur of the moment decision, but we’re glad we did it.
Gatlinburg is a beautiful little town that we last visited in 2005 for our Anniversary trip with the kids and some friends. We really like it a lot there, and this was actually my third trip (first time when I was 6 or 7).

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