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der5er Passes Safety Inspection — Has a Leak

Written By: der5er - Oct• 25•06

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my car. So, here’s an update:
der5er passed the VA State Safety Inspection today at Wayne’s in Midlothian. But there’s a problem.

On the way to Wayne’s this morning, the “BRAKE” light on the dash came on. I’ve seen this before, and it was just low on fluid. So, I made a quick stop for brake fluid and filled’er up. The inspection at Wayne’s went without a hitch, but on the way to work, the light came on again.

The only reason I can think for the light to come on again so soon is a leak (duh). The question is, where? Braking pressue is still firm and stopping distance is still normal. The hydraulic clutch (uses the same reservoir as the brakes) is operating normally, engaging at the normal distance and returning all the way. The brake lines, or at least the last hop to the calipers, are braided stainless steel.

I’m wondering if anyone knows any sure-fire places to look for a leak in the brake lines. Or, could I be in for changing one or both of the brake cylinders? I guess there’s really no way to know for sure until I actually go out and look things over and find the leak. Has anyone got any good guesses for where to look first?

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