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My Thoughts: California’s Cell phone ban

Written By: der5er - Sep• 21•06

The Car Blog: Cell Phones and Driving Simply Don?t Go Together

Ok, Monica T makes some valid points. And I agree that most people should hang up and drive. However, I disagree with this legislation and any other hand held cell phone banning legislation like it. I’m sure this is on the more unpopular side of this debate, but hear me out.

Cell phones aren’t the only distraction drivers face on the road today. We need more states to adopt laws like New Hampshire:

New Hampshire …does ticket drivers for eating, drinking, talking on a cell phone or fussing with their makeup while behind the wheel.

That’s right, the hand held cell phone ban is just fluff designed for pure political gain. Politicians get huge points from voters for signing such bans, but singling out cell phones (or any other single item, such as a TV) is not even half the battle. I see people every day putting on make up, eating, talking on the phone, or reading a map. Some of these people manage to hold their lane while doing these activities, but others may be all over the road just talking to a passenger in their car. I’ve even witnessed someone turning completely around in the driver’s seat to speak to a passenger in the back seat!!
Some people can eat a sandwich and drive. Some people can talk on their cell phone and drive. Some people can’t even talk on their hands-free phone while driving. Some people can’t even tune their radio and drive. We need more generalized distracted driving laws. ‘Nuff said.

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One Comment

  1. Monica T says:

    “We need more generalized distracted driving laws. ‘Nuff said.”

    You took what I said a step further, which I like and really wasn’t expecting. I do understand the possibility that “the hand held cell phone ban is just fluff designed for pure political gain”, but I think that’s probably common in the legislative world.

    So, you’re saying that instead of singling out particular behaviors while behind the wheel, have generalized laws (like New Hampshire). Good idea! The flip side, and what I was expecting to hear, goes something like this: since there are many distractions while on the road, it is unfair to single out one behavior out, and so therefore don’t have any laws, which I think is misguided.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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