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Good-bye M5

Written By: der5er - Aug• 20•06

As promised, today I will post pictures from tearing apart a BMW e28 M5. First, a little history. Rob is the most recent owner of this car. It has a salvage title and a blown exhaust valve and 144,000 miles on the odometer. Before that, we know the car was owned by John SCB (from The story we know is that the car was hit in the rear, and that the trunk of another e28 was grafted on. It must have been a good job, because no one can fine the welds in the trunk–we find out later that it’s because they aren’t there. Turns out that the entire back half of the car from 4 inches behind the B-pillar and just below the roof on the C-pillar all the way back to the bumper was grafted on from another car–not just the trunk. Also, at least the head of the engine came from another car. Rob found two VIN stickers on the head, the VIN that matched the car on top, and another VIN underneath.
Rob has decided that he would rather not have a salvage title M5 and he’s actually never really liked black cars. Since US M5′s only came in black, and he can’t really import a Euro M5, he’s going to look for a lachsilber (silver) body to convert to a Euro M5 replica. This is where our story really begins and why we’ve decided to part this car.
Thanks to Shirley, our official photographer. (Click on the images to see them full size)
Here are Rob and I preparing on Thursday morning eating breakfast.

And at the end of Thursday, all the parts that were in the way are now out, and we can pull the engine on Friday

Here we are Friday morning beginning to pull the engine:

The engine is free!

Two very happy wrench-turners.

Here we are with the engine and 3 of the family’s 4 BMW’s (the other BMW, a white e34 M5 is in California and could not be here for the group photo!)

Here is the empty engine bay:

Now it’s time to work on the interior:

The interior is almost done.


Here’s Rob looking for the M5′s battery cable. Notice the rusty looking spot about 4 inches behind the B-pillar. This is when we realized that the entire back half of the car was grafted on, not just the trunk.

End of the day Friday

Time for a little fun

On Saturday morning, Jay arrives and we load the car up. Jay will remove the differential, half shafts, close-ration steering box and remaining shadow lining (he already has the drivers doors) and we’ll get those parts from him later.

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