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Environmentalists angry over Toy Hummers

Written By: der5er - Aug• 11•06

So, the Sierra Club (easily the most extreme of the tree huggers) is all bent out of shape with Ronald McDonald. Why? Because McDonalds is putting Hummer toys in the Happy Meal. Here’s a quote:

Environmental groups are appalled with the promotion. Brendan Bell, a clean energy analyst at the Sierra Club, says Hummers in Happy Meals are about as responsible as “dipping a Big Mac in the fry oil and serving it to your kids.”

To me, “dipping a Big Mac in the fry oil” actually sounds kind of good. So good, that it would never make it to my kids plate!
One more quote:

“The technology is passe,” he said. “For the H1 and H2, they’re running it off an engine that hasn’t been fundamentally redesigned since 1950s. What the next generation needs is better technology in our vehicles so that we can cut our dependence on oil and curb global warming.”

Umm…what kind of technology is he looking for in a TOY? Seriously, Brendan Bell of the Sierra Club, these are TOYS. As such, they use absolutely NO GAS and have NO EMISSIONS. The engine that ‘hasn’t been fundamentally redesigned since the 50′s’ is PLASTIC! The spotted owl will not die off because McDonalds gave kids a toy Hummer.
Besides, I have it from a confirmed source that these toy Hummers have the Vortex Valve Mileage Maximizer option installed. Shouldn’t that make you a little happy?

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  1. Joel A says:

    This is so ridiculous that it almost makes me feel ashamed to be a near-tree hugger.

  2. der5er says:

    Well, what you, the tree huggers, GM and McDonalds seem to fail to understand is that these kids cannot buy CARS!!! Most won’t even be able to drive a car for 8-10 years, and won’t be able to afford the car of their choice for years after that. Do you really think that my 3 year old is going to be influenced by this ‘truly disgusting cross promotion’ 13 years from now when he learns to drive? Or 8 years later when he might be able to afford a car? No, he won’t.

  3. Dan says:

    Your argument that the toy Hummers emit no emissions misses the point by a mile. These toy Hummers are more than just “toys,” they are advertising/propaganda for a vehicle that gets maybe 11 miles to the gallon.

    McDonald’s and GM deserve all the scorn that the so-called “tree huggers” have heaped upon them. These two corporations have managed a truly disgusting cross-promotion, hawking both food that will ruin your health and an (ugly) vehicle that gives the finger to our mid-east oil addiction.

    What’s next, Anheuser Bush and Smith & Wesson teaming up to give away a free six pack of watery beer with your purchase of a pistol?

  4. Dan says:

    Marketing and advertising is all about getting the customers of the future, so yes, GM is hoping, praying even, that your 3 year old will remember their beloved Hummer toy from their childhood when making that car-buying choice years later.

    Also, I assume your toddler doesn’t hop on their tricycle and wheel on down to the local McDonald’s alone. Most likely a parent is with them and, yup, adults are influenced by advertising and promotions too!

    GM wants YOU to buy a Hummer… and soon. They certainly don’t want to soley rely on your child’s memory for that H2 purchase years down the road. These toy giveaways are trying to influence consumer behavior of adults and children alike.

  5. der5er says:

    Point taken re: Marketing and Advertising. Yes, I’m sure they are trying to influence adults and children alike.
    However, how is this toy giveaway any different from a regular commercial advertising the Hummer? Why should environmentalists be any more angry about this than a commercial?

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