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On the road again? Keep yer mouth shut!

Ok, I’m going to look like a Joel fanboy after this one…He’s got another really interesting article over at Autoblog. Kia did a study of drivers and found that most people think they can drive better than their spouse, and 20% would consider divorce if thier spouse critisized their skills. This is interesting to me [...]

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Top Ten fuel efficient Large cars? Really.

My good friend Joel at Autoblog reports on a Business Week article titled “Biggest cars with the best mileage” and gives us this top ten: Luxury Sedan-Overall Fuel Economy – Lexus GS300 Luxury Sedan-Most Space – Lincoln Town Car SUV-Overall Fuel Economy – Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV-Most Space – Toyota Land Cruiser (pictured) Minivan-Overall Fuel Economy [...]

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