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Chrysler Pacifica Review – Back from Vacation

Written By: der5er - Jul• 24•06

Well, I am back from vacation, and finally caught up at work. It only took a week to catch back up from a week off…ugh. It was a good vacation. We got to see lots of family in Wichita and KC. The kids had a great time at Grandma’s new condo and playing with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Great Grandparents in KC. We actually got back last Tuesday night, but work has kept me away from here…
Our mode of transportation in Kansas and Missouri was a rented 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. I had never looked too closely at one of these before, but it looked like it had 6 seats and some room for cargo. With 3 kids and all of our bags, that’s exactly what we needed — too bad we didn’t get it! The Pacifica does have 6 seats, ours was equipped with quad seating in the second row–two captain chairs–and a bench in the third row. However, if you want to take anything with you, you better not fill up both of the seats in the bench. For our drive to KC from Wichita, we needed to take a duffle bag. The duffle bag almost didn’t fit behind that third row seat. If we’d had anything else with us besides the duffle and umbrella stroller, I would have had to fold the 50/50 split in the bench. All in all, this isn’t a bad car, but if you’ve got a family and think this might be the car you’re looking for to take long road trips, or even trips to the local grocery store…think again. The ride is nice, it drives like a sedan and accellerates like a coupe (when using the pseudo SMG mode on the shifter). Nothing spectacular, but a good ‘around the town’ driver. I never computed the fuel economy, but I’m sure it’s better than a hummer and worse than a Yaris! We did make it from the airport, a day around Wichita, all the way to KC, and a day of driving around there before we had to fill up for our drive back to Wichita. So, I guess it’s ok.
I’ll never buy one. I prefer the 20 year old BMW, and the wife prefers the size and cargo of her Yukon XL. For the rental, we would probably have been better off in a mid or full size sedan (more trunk room and seats 5) than this thing. For instance, I know my family fits fine in the e39 BMW 528i, and there’s plenty of trunk space.

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  1. Joel says:

    A Ford Five Hundred may fit your needs (though needs a more powerful engine).

  2. der5er says:

    But the 500–err, whoops: F I V E H U N D R E D
    U G L Y
    I’d rather add another e39 to the stable.
    Actually, the wife keeps harping on her horrible gas mileage in the Yukon XL and about bi-monthly goes looking for something new. I keep telling her, if you’re only driving 20-30 miles a month, your gas mileage/emmissions aren’t anything to worry about.

  3. Joel A says:

    ” keep telling her, if you’re only driving 20-30 miles a month, your gas mileage/emmissions aren’t anything to worry about.”

    So you’re still sleeping on the couch, eh? :)

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