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For the love of tools II – Lighting the way

Written By: der5er - Jul• 10•06

This has got to be one of the coolest work lights I’ve ever seen:
It was in someone’s trunk at 5er Fest, and if he had not been closely guarding it…it would be mine!!! Here are the full specs (quote from

Rechargeable work light with a portable charger. Rechargeable unit uses 4 nickel metal hydride batteries (included). 8 ultra-bright LEDs provide brilliant light. Polycarbonate lens and LEDs are virtually indestructible. Extremely lightweight. Adjustable swivel hanging hook. Instant on. This rechargeable LED work light is a tradesman’s dream. The portable charger is included and uses 4 nickel metal hydride batteries for extended life. Low wattage means long life and low heat. 8 ultra bright LEDs deliver exceptionally bright lighting to any work surface, and no need for a cord. The protective polycarbonate lens, rugged body and lightweight features make this easily portable and virtually indestructible. Includes adjustable swivel hook. Instant on. No need to replace bulbs

I simply loved this thing. I probably wouldn’t use it at home, as I’ve got a good fluorescent drop light with a magnet on the side. But this would be great for those by-the-road breakdowns! Plus, it was unbelievably bright! You could probably flag down a 747 with it!

The other coolest work light was in the same trunk, and I would probably use it at home:
There’s a light on each hand, right next to the first knuckle on your index finger (see the bump on the index finger in the picture). Talk about being able to see what you’re working on!!!

Illum-A-Glove work gloves with a bright LED light for long-lasting visibility. Timer automatically shuts off light after approximately 7 minutes, conserving the battery. Comfortable stretch Spandex top and thumb increases breathability. Synthetic leather palm offers maximum comfort and breathes like leather.

These are both very cool and are definitely going on my wish list!!!

And, because I constantly see posts on the internet about sluggish noisy blinkers, check out KalecoAuto’s Blinker Fluid:

Are you blinkers sluggish? Do they make an annoying ticking noise? Do they not flash fast enough? Here’s your solution. Little do people know, factory quality blinker fluid should be changed every 150,000 blinks. Our blinker fluid lasts ten times that. KaleCoAuto high quality synthetic blinker fluid meets the highest DOT standards while not being in the least bit DOT legal! KaleCoAuto blinker fluid provides you with thousands of hours of reliable blinking without the wear and tear on the flash-synchro’s that the other blinker fluids cause. KaleCoAuto blinker fluid will not lose its viscosity even in the most extreme situations. Why buy that old dino-blinker fluid, when you can get our unique patented synthetic formula? Satisfaction guaranteed!! For use in any car.

yes, it’s a joke

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