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Cars: The Movie–3 thumbs up!

Written By: der5er - Jun• 12•06

Well, I went to see Cars on Sunday with the family. I’ve been jazzed about this one since the first trailer hit the internet! Lasseter did not dissapoint. I loved all of the ‘car crazy’ references and the kids loved the smiling, roaring Lightning McQueen.
The kids’ official review gives it 3 thumbs up! I think the adults give it 3 thumbs up as well, but Grandma may have fallen asleep for a little bit. That is, until she realized that Paul Newman is the voice of Doc Hudson.
By the way, Grandma, you were correct, Luigi is Tony Shalhoub from Monk.
After seeing the movie, I still think that Guido is an Isetta, but it is possible that he is a Messerschmitt microcar. John Lasseter apparently has one in the atrium at Pixar.
I won’t go into a description of the movie here, you can get that from official reviewers (who aren’t liking it as much as I think they should!). I’ll just say that any car loving dad (or mom) should take their kids to see this on the big screen PRONTO!

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  1. Carzzi says:

    I thought Luigi was a FIAT 500/ Abarth.
    -A fellow E39′er (M5)

  2. carzzi says:

    Oops, wrong car. Iwas thinking Luigi was the yellow Abarth/Fiat 500

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