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Cars: The Movie — Is that an Isetta?

Written By: der5er - Jun• 07•06

So, I’m getting all jazzed up about seeing Cars on Sunday and I head over to the official website to look around. They now have pictures of many more cars, including Guido.

Take a real close look at Guido, he’s an Italian forklift (or that’s the official description) and he has 3 wheels.

Guido looks like an Isetta to me! Of course, the Isetta was not a forklift, but I guess Guido could be some kind of wierd conversion. I don’t know my Isetta history very well (just what I read in the Wikipedia), but it also doesn’t look to me like Iso (the Italian scooter manufacturer that originated the Isetta) made a 3 wheel Isetta. Here is a picture of a nearly mint Iso Isetta.

It does look like a 3 wheeler from this view, but it is actually a very short axle with 2 wheels in the rear.
Here’s a BMW Isetta with 3 wheels. Notice the difference in BMW’s headlights vs. Iso’s headlights. Then, compare the BMW headlights to Guido’s.

If Guido is an Isetta, shouldn’t he be named Deiter?

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  1. Joel A says:

    Great movie! I want the DVD :)

  2. der5er says:

    Cars: The Movie–3 thumbs up!

    Well, I went to see Cars on Sunday with the family. I’ve been jazzed about this one since the first trailer hit the internet! Lasseter did not dissapoint. I loved all of the ‘car crazy’ references and the kids loved…

  3. BillW says:

    I would guess he is an Italian forklift, built by ISO or one of their contemporaries in the 50′s.
    Therefore we see a resemblance to the ISO/BMW Isetta. HOWEVER, There does seem to be an Isetta during the credits, Billy Crystal as Mikey from Monsters Inc.

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