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Guido Driving traffic?

I’m always watching my blog’s statistics. Probably more than I should, given how much I post lately. I’ve noticed that quite a few people are finding this blog based on searching for Guido, the Italian forklift. The posts about Guido should be off the front page by now, so I thought I would post links [...]

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Detroit Hummer = Snake oil salesmen?

This cracks me up. According to a Wall Street Journal article, a Detriot Hummer dealership is now installing the “Vortex Valve” ( on the H2 and H3 as a “Mileage Maximizer” claiming they’ll boost the fuel efficiency to 25mpg! I’ve always felt the Vortex Valve, Turbonator, SpiralMax, or any other “non-moving vortex generator” was nothing [...]

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