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Mrs. Mistoffelees the e39 528i is home!

Written By: der5er - Apr• 29•06

My mother-in-law took delivery of her new (to her) 1997 BMW 528i (e39) yesterday. She has named it Mrs. Mistoffelees (Mr. just wouldn’t seem right for her car) after a character in CATS. Here are some pictures I took just this morning, (they are scaled down for those with slow connections, if you want to see LARGE pictures, click them):

Rear View Left Sideá Right Sideá
Front Front Right Engine
Interior Front Interior Rear

It really is a dream to drive. Here are her comments on the car:

…So we got a used black BMW – a 1997 – but Greg and Rob say it will last for 20 years – I guess because they are made so well. We got it at a wholesale dealer – Christi actually found it on the internet and Greg went to look at it and to check it out. He said it was a great car. Rob read about it too and said it was a good model and would last forever.

One nice thing is that Greg can work on it – just like he does his own – so that will save on maintenance should there be a need.

We decided to trade Daisy (my car) because she was having electrical problems – sometimes wouldn’t let me open the door – and other times automatically locked me in and I couldn’t get out. My side door wasn’t working and one window wouldn’t go up – and my brakes were going out…making a grinding noise. Greg said there was something else really going wrong because he heard some funny pinging noises.

It made me sad to say goodbye to Daisy – so many memories! But I think it was time – and especially because she wouldn’t start every once in awhile – and twice recently. Greg and Christi didn’t think the car was safe for me to drive – and to ease my sadness about parting with my car – they agreed to let me get a kitten. The GIRLS ARE DELIGHTED!!!

The bluebook was $13,000 for the BMW – but we got it for $10,000 minus $2,000 for my car. So we think we really got a good deal.

The car has a lot of features – 6 disk CD changer – tape deck – heated seats – heated steering wheel – seat position memory – passenger and driver have separate heat temperature regulators. It has an alarm system and a motion sensor (so you won’t forget and leave a child or animal in the car, I guess!) The inside is called a COCKPIT and the inside control lights are red. It has an electrically powered steering wheel – whatever that is. :)

…I will tell you one thing – the girls REALLY LOVE THE CAR. They said it was the most beautiful car they had ever seen.

The car is named MRS. MISTOFFELEES RUTH CHRISTINE (MISTOFFELEES is a black cat from the CATS musical.)

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  1. Joel A says:

    Post’s good. But lasting 20 years? This is a Bimmer?!?

  2. der5er says:

    Absolutely! I know Bimmers with 25 years on the road (most with original engines) and still going strong! Mine is an 88 5 series (built in 87), and it’s showing no signs of stopping!

  3. der5er says:

    Siding is done! Insulation is done! Drywall – today!

    The siding has been finished (as you can see from this picture, which is over a week old) and the insulation was installed last week! Today, they are beginning work on the drywall. Cooper and I ran to the…

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