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Written By: der5er - Apr• 27•06

The Truth About Cars’ Bob Elton should love this.

Official Launch of


On April 6, 2006, the world took its first look at one of the most unique web-based communities ever, SHIFTYWorld. Created by people who love to shift manual transmission cars and trucks, for people with the same passion, SHIFTYWorld will ?Save the Shifter? from extinction. The founder, Greg Bruder, says ?We are focused on preserving the great motoring tradition of shifting for ourselves.? Members share their shifty stories and experiences, and start their own chapters with family and friends for informal gatherings.

You see, Mr. Elton has posted an article titled, “Death to The Stick Shift” where he expresses his opinion (stated as fact) that it is dangerous to drive a manual transmission. This post is not new, not even recent. But, it does get brought up every few months on one enthusiasts forum or another. It’s actually a good read, even if I don’t agree with him. I can’t wait to see what he says about Shiftyworld.

Shifty world info from: Jalopnik.

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