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Still looking…

Written By: der5er - Apr• 20•06

Scratch that…
She’s now decided that she doesn’t want the E34 M5. She didn’t want Rob or I to take time off work to drive it across country, and she doesn’t want to pay $1800 to ship it.

Right now, her mechanic and I are (again) trying to convince her that the minivan is toast. Then we’ll be out looking for an E39 528 or 530 most likely. We’ll wait to see if she needs an automatic by letting her drive a manual.

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  1. der5er says:

    She’s convinced

    Well, after a few long conversations, we’ve finally convinced my mother-in-law that her Mercury Villager is unreliable. What we’ve found is this beautiful E39 525i for a VERY reasonable price….

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