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Seems Joel has some more opinions!

Written By: der5er - Apr• 13•06

Joel’s latest post addresses the issue of fixing your own car again.
If you haven’t been following along, you need to read here, and here.

Note to Joel: The first part of your post isn’t showing up on your archive page (i.e. when someone links directly to the post).

Joel actually agrees with most of what I said in the previous post on this subject: Why do people fix their own cars?
Joel does take exception with this part:

But it’s more than that. It’s more than money, and it’s more than time.

It’s about being able to say “I fixed it.” If a friend helped me, then we had a good time. Don’t knock the noob’s on the message boards, they are just getting started. If you told me 4 years ago when Joel and I worked together at that telecom company that I would be fixing my own cars, I would have laughed at you–I had many of the same opinions as Joel on this subject. I was/am a computer geek. But now, that’s not all. I’m a car geek, too. I can fix my own car, and I can probably fix yours too.

Joel feels that a busy person, such as himself, needs reliable transportation, so he can spend his time being busy (in Joel’s case, doing a great job reporting automotive news on SEVERAL blogs) instead of spending time under the car.
I understand Joel’s point. Which is why my wife drives the Yukon XL (not Denali, those are fugly). However, I also believe that my car is well maintained and reliable. This car has gone more than 200,000 miles and does not currently need maintenance. Sure, there are things I want to do, but none of them is necessary to keep the car moving. The engine pulls strong and the transmission and final drive make almost no noise (though the valves are tappy, that’s common for this engine and easily fixed). I guess what I take exception with is that Joel implies that a DIY mechanic cannot have reliable transportation. I’ll put my 200,000 mile 1988 535is (self maintained) up against whatever Joel is currently driving in terms of reliability. It may not be pretty, but it’s mine, I don’t make payments on it (and it probably cost less than whatever Joel drives), and I can fix it if it breaks. Even if I don’t know what’s broken, I’ve got a great group of friends over at that will know.
Joel and I may have to agree to disagree…

BTW Joel…you should never change your air freshener by yourself. You need at least 3 friends and a case of beer for that operation.

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    I don’t drink :)

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